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Most Common Electrical Problems in Tiny Homes

Tiny homes are one of the biggest crazes in the last couple of years. These ingenious living spaces may not have that much room, but their designs and layouts are made so that everything fits in perfectly without having to sacrifice many things. Sure, you won’t have a giant bathtub, but that is not their intended purpose.

While we can talk about different tiny home designs for hours, that is not the topic of…


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Great Design Ideas for Tiny Yards

Buying a home is very exciting yet it requires some compromises. Normally, your budget will determine the size and the type of home you’ll be able to afford. This might mean that you will have to choose a home with only one garage, or a home with a small backyard instead of a large one.

However, keep in mind that bigger isn't always better. Compared to spacious outdoor places, small yards can mean less cleaning but…


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5 Tips to Give Your Tiny Home an Elegant Vibe

There’s nothing more frustrating than being a design enthusiast who lives in a tiny apartment or home. So many great ideas and so much design inspiration, but not enough space! However, even the tiniest of homes can be styled up and reinvented. You can easily design a comfy, chic home with an…


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5 Ways to Maximize a Small Living Space

While living in a smaller space can surely feel confining and restricting, it certainly isn’t a reason to feel discouraged. Smaller spaces can have a lot of personality and there are actually a lot of handy tricks that can help you maximize your home and make the most out of what you have available. So, instead of despairing and coming to terms with the fact that you’re facing a lifelong imprisonment, you better take matters into your own hands. If you‘re still wondering how to actually…


Posted by Tracey Clayton on February 17, 2018 at 3:00pm

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At 3:56am on February 23, 2017, Marcia Everett said…

I am very confused about how to navigate. And I forgot to write down the dates so I probably missed everything.  So much protesting going on. I thought I had more time to come back to this. oh well.

I am trying to get a group of people to join with me to form an organization that would then buy land. I don't know anything about 501 c 3 or how to pick good land.

I learned that Earth Haven connected with the Nature Conservancy )or maybe they suggested that ) So I was going to ask them if we did conservation work would we be allowed to live on land that was set aside for animals and environment protection.  I never wrote the letter because I don't sound like an adult in writing.

The biggest problemis too many people are all talk and no action. And the ones who ARE ready. are willing to go the route alone. Get their one house and live on their one friends back yard. Not a solution for building a community.

In the past years there was a nature conservatory who wanted (I've forgotten now) I think wanted people to help with the upkeep I think that was in Chapel Hill NC  and now there is a woman willing to GIVE her 12.8 acre blueberry farm to anyone who writes a convincing essay, has a farming resume, is a couple, and pays $300 entry fee.  She says its too small to have a tiny house community. Don't know how tha'ts true, but she doesn't want a group to enter contest  

She mentioned Conservation Easement which i looked up and its about taxes.

I guess I'll just see what videos I can see. 

At 9:54pm on January 21, 2017, Barb Diaz said…

Hi Steve, Glad I signed up for the summit. I see your suggestion to consider being a presenter. I am offering myself to you. Please tell me in what area you might need more input. A bit about me: I currently live full time in my DIY 6x10 Cottage Camper at Gracious RV & Tiny House Park on Lake Okeechobee in FL. I am the Tiny House Coordinator here. There is one other full size THOW here currently and I am in the process of building another one for myself = on a 7 ton 20ft trailer. I have 19 YouTube videos documenting my build of the 6x10 "Cottage Camper" and I am blogging my 20ft build on facebook.com/TakeMeHomeTinyHouse  I also built a 12x12 cabin in the mountains outside of Boone, NC and I recently attended the 2016 Florida Tiny House Festival where I was on a Q&A panel for "Living Tiny" and where Deek Diedricksen video interviewed me in my Cottage Camper for his YT channel. I have lots of ideas & opinions to go with them! LOL. Let me know how I can help.


At 7:55pm on January 15, 2017, Gina Pippin said…
Thank you, Steve! I will.
At 5:22pm on January 15, 2017, Deborah J Anderson said…

Thanks!  I am hoping to build a tiny home and live in a tiny home community!


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