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Decorating a Small Home Office - Top 5 Tips

Even though your apartment may not be large, you can always find space to build a small home office. You just need to be a little more creative and find a way to incorporate everything you need in there. In order to help you decorate it according to the latest trends and create a place which will inspire you to work hard and be fully concentrated, we’ve singled out our top 5 tips on how to achieve this fast and easy. Feel free to take a…


Posted by Tracey Clayton on August 25, 2018 at 3:46am

Tiny Bathroom Decorating Tips

Living in a tiny house has numerous perks, including lower construction costs, lower energy bills, easier maintenance, cheaper decorating, and, of course, minimal impact on the environment. However, while it is quite easy to get accustomed to the small square footage in almost every room, we usually discover that we could always benefit from extra space in the kitchen and the bathroom. If you are struggling with decorating a cramped bathroom, we’ll help you…


Posted by Tracey Clayton on August 2, 2018 at 7:00am

Décor Changes to Make Your Tiny Home Feel All Fresh and New

No matter how spacious your home is, it’s always going to be too small to fit all the things you’d like to keep around. However, even the tiniest of homes can be utilized if you plan ahead and find sustainable ways to make the most of the space you own. From hidden storage area to multifunctional furniture, there are lots of ideas you can try out and use literally every inch you own. So, if you too are living in a small home, but still have big plans, here are a few ways to make it feel…


Posted by Tracey Clayton on July 6, 2018 at 5:56pm

Small Bathroom Design Issues

No matter how small your bathroom might be, it still offers a world of design inspiration. With little creativity and improvisation, you can overcome some of the most common design problems of small bathrooms and transform yours into a truly relaxing oasis.  …


Posted by Tracey Clayton on May 9, 2018 at 3:22am

Here's your Day 4 official announcement! The video presentations from the third day of the 2017 Tiny House Summit are about to expire and we've just posted new presentations from Jake & Kiva, Hari Berzins, Andrew Bennett, Henderson County Pubic School Students & Teachers, Andrew Odom (interview), Angela Alcorn, Derin Williams, Tessa Baker, and Michael & Michelle Choto Nielsen. These new videos will be available to watch for free for 24 hours, ending at 12:00 pm US Eastern Standard Time, Friday, February 24th. (And we also are leaving up the Day 3 videos for an extra two hours because of the delay yesterday--the link to them is Here.) Send people to http://www.tinyhousesummit.com to sign up.
(Refresh this page to see the new videos. If you experience a video lag, or trouble playing a video, refresh your browser, and then click on the HD at the bottom right of the video in order to change the default resolution.)
Once the new presentations go live, Day 3's videos immediately become part of the $99 "Tiny House Summit Recordings + Bonuses" package we're offering. By purchasing the package you'll be able to watch (or re-watch!) Macy Miller, Valerie Cook & Tim Boffe, Becky Elder, Darren Hughes, David & Jeanie Stiles, Jewel Pearson, Laura M. LaVoie, Jenn Baxter, Felice Cohen, Andrew M. Odom, Vera Struck, Saul Rip Hansen, John & Fin Kernohan, Thom Stanton, Andrew Heben, Carmen Shenk, Deek Diedricksen, Andrew & Gabriella Morrison, Alexis Stephens, Kerri Fivecoat-Campbell, Kelly Hart, Chrissy Bellmyer, Pat Dunham, Michael Chance, and Barbara Diaz. You get all the bonus material (lots of it!) and you are supporting a worthy event!
We're being asked if the videos, once purchased, can be shown publicly to groups. Those who purchase the package are given permission to show the videos at non-commercial gatherings and events, and will be asked to let us know when do so. Otherwise, the recordings package is licensed for personal viewing, and those wanting to show the videos in a commercial venue will need to make arrangements with us to do so.

​I really hope you're loving this series! SEE THE TESTIMONIALS HERE, and then let us know what you think--tell us at https://goo.gl/forms/489KoWvYpLQEBFxT2And/or join the conversations at http://www.facebook.com/tinyhousesummit,within your own TIB profile or Group, Twitter, or wherever you like to share (and we do hope you share - send people to http://www.tinyhousesummit.com to sign up)! And get ready for more great videos all week!

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Comment by Sera Isabella on February 25, 2017 at 11:03am

We had to remove Angela's video on Day 5 and make edits before reposting on Day 5 (and today for Replay Saturday!). This removal was due to the builder contacting us with legal dispute information.

We hope you will get another opportunity today to view.

Comment by Carolyn Zewe on February 24, 2017 at 7:43am
Really enjoying this Summit! On Day 4 though I can't play Angela Alcorn's video. It says " Due to privacy settings you cannot view this video." I tried reloading and it's still not working. Not sure if anyone else has had this issue. Thanks!

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