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Featured Speakers

Abel Zimmerman Zyl

Alexis Stephens
Tiny House Expedition

Alexis Stephens is a traveling tiny houser, advocate and documentary filmmaker. She is one half of Tiny House Expedition, a documentary storytelling and community outreach project. Alexis and Christian, along with part-time resident Garrett (Alexis’s son), are on an extraordinary two-year+ road trip across the North America, with their DIY tiny home on wheels. Alexis is the co-creator of the educational docu-series, Living Tiny Legally and podcast/vlog, Tiny House Expedition Radio. Tiny House Expedition has been featured in TreeHugger, Curbed, Lonely Planet, Huffington Post, Red Bull Adventure, Business Insider, New York Daily News, and HGTV’s Tiny House, Big Living.
Andrew Bennett
Tiny house expert
Trekker Trailers and NOAH Certified

I've been building micro living spaces for 18 years. My wife and I experienced the incredible benefits of living tiny 18 years ago. By living way below our means we were able to travel the world, the coubtry, and do things that most never get to do in a lifetime. I started building custom micro campers in 2008. In 2012 I built the first of many tiny houses on wheels. I've been on 3 different TV shows for tiny houses and have traveled the country from coast to coast helping others realize their tiny dreams. I an also a founder of NOAHcertified.org , the national inspection service for THOWs. Now I want to help you.
Andrew M. Odom
Co-Founder, Tiny r(E)volution
Tiny r(E)volution, TinyHouseNC

Co-Founder of the Tiny r(E)volution and author of the popular book ‘Your Message Here : GAINING CORPORATE SPONSORS for your tiny house project’, Andrew Odom is a career social media strategist and content crusader. He has been invested in the modern tiny house movement since 2009 and is currently the managing editor of Tiny House Magazine as well as a weekly contributor to both Tiny House Blog and Tiny House Listings. He is most excited though about his recent launch of www.TinyHouseNC.com, which focuses on the advancement of tiny houses in the state. In August he served as the emcee at the 2016 National Tiny House Jamboree, has spoken at numerous festivals, and has recently been seen as a 2nd guy from the left at Diedricksen Bros. workshops.
Becky Elder
Permaculture Designer, Environmental Consultant
Pikes Peak Permaculture & Blue Planet Earthscapes

Becky Elder came to Colorado in the early 1970’s. She is well known locally for her Earth-conscious business, Blue Planet Earthscapes, an award winning organic gardening company. Certified in permaculture design, Becky co-founded Pikes Peak Permaculture in 2002 as an educational non-profit promoting sustainable living and living with a light footprint on the planet. Becky's first book, Raven in the Garden, a Front Range Gardener's Journal, 2007, is penned from many years of environmental activism and devotion to the natural world. Ever the activist, Becky Elder now sits on the Manitou Springs City Council. Some primary focus points for her in that governmental realm are: Edible Parks, Rebuilding the Urban Forest, Local Food efforts, Tiny Houses and workforce housing. Speaking on behalf of nature led to her local tag as “The Lorax of Manitou.”
Brad Kittel
Tiny Texas Houses

I built my first tiny house on wheels in a school bus in 1981 which brought me to Austin, Texas in 1984.
Chris Galusha

Chrissy Bellmyer

Damon C. DesChamp
Owner, General Manager
Trailer Made Custom Trailers

Damon DesChamp and his wife Natalie Doolittle are the co-owners of Trailer Made Custom Trailers, LLC, the industry leader in tiny house innovation and tiny foundation design. Damon and Natalie have dedicated their lives and efforts to supplying the best tiny house - specific products to the professional tiny house building companies as well as the hobbyist tiny house builders all over the world. Trailer Made's in-house engineering, design, fabrication and construction has placed them at the forefront of the tiny house movement, and the staff travels all over the continent each year to educate the tiny house industry on safe, sound, efficient and code-required building practices. With over 80% market share in the tiny house industry, Trailer Made Custom Trailers has more combined tiny house expertise than any other manufacturer in the world!
Darin J. Zaruba

As a visionary entrepreneur, builder, developer, and manufacturer in the housing industry, Darin Zaruba recently shifted his business focus – turning tiny in both philosophy and design. He jumped into the Tiny House Movement with both feet in all arenas, with a wish to professionalize the movement at the same time. He is building business and industry around it and with that is making sure there are attainable and realistic housing options for all needs on any human scale. As a founder of the National Tiny House Jamboree, and compiler of the book Turning Tiny, Darin has emerged as one of the foremost leaders in the tiny movement.
Darren Hughes
Tiny Houses Australia

I came to a crossroads in my life about 4 years ago, and searching for a possible solution, brought me online to an image of a Tiny House (Protohaus to be exact). This lead me down the rabbit hole and now, in 2017, Tiny Houses Australia has become the 'go to' place, for information, inspiration, connections, expertise, brainstorming and sharing of all things Tiny House related down under. We now supply custom built Tiny House trailers to those in Australia wanting to build, we run monthly face to face Tiny House Meet Ups, Annual Camps and are working on much more for 2017. The Tiny House concept made sense to me the moment that I saw it and the more I read, the more I learned and the more people I spoke with, I could see that it made sense to so many others as well
David & Jeanie Stiles

Deek Diedrickson

Domenic Mangano

Felice Cohen
Author, Professional Organizer, Motivational Speaker
90 Lessons for Living Large in 90 Square Feet (...or more)

Felice Cohen, the grandchild of two Holocaust survivors, is the author of the award-winning book What Papa Told Me, a memoir about her grandfather's life before, during and after the war. Her newest book, 90 Lessons for Living Large in 90 Square Feet (...or more), is based on the video of her 90-square-foot Manhattan studio that went viral with millions of views on YouTube.com. She has been featured on Good Morning America, Fox5, CBS, Sirius, NPR, Time, Forbes, Globe & Mail, New York Daily News, Daily Mail and many more around the world. Felice writes the blog “Living Large in Any Space.” What enabled Felice to “live large” in that tiny studio is that she's been a professional organizer for over 20 years. She currently lives (in a slightly larger apartment) in NYC.
Hari Berzins
Writer, Teacher, Speaker
Tiny House Family

Hari Berzins set out to build a mortgage-free micro-homestead as a response to losing her business in 2008. She, along with her husband, Karl, and their two small children, bought a 3 acre piece of land, built a 168 sq. ft. tiny house and lived in it for over four years while building the homestead's main house, a 1400 sq. ft. big house. The family now lives debt-free which affords them to time to do the work of homesteading--raising chickens for meat and eggs, growing a large vegetable garden, and putting up food in Southwestern, VA. Hari teaches others how to carefully design a debt-free lifestyle that is simple enough to sustain happiness.
Jake & Kiva
Tiny Nest Project

We, (Jake and Kiva) have designed and built our own tiny house and documented the entire process as a YouTube channel called 'Tiny Nest' for anyone else who is considering doing the same
Jay Shafer

Jewel Pearson

Ms. Gypsy Soul

After downsizing her homes and lifestyle over the course of 10 years, Jewel built a beautiful 360 square foot tiny house in 2015 that she’s happy to now call home. Her urban and very chic tiny home has been a big hit on HGTV’s “Tiny House, Big Living” and she continues to share her tiny living experience in hopes to encourage others to follow their dreams, whatever they may be. A project manager and consultant by day, Jewel incorporated her design and build expertise and now works with others offering tiny house consultation and build services and has become a strong advocate for the movement. She also is the founder of Tiny House Trailblazers; a collaboration of three powerful and uniquely talented women of color who together are a strong representation and voice for diversity within the tiny house movement.
John & Fin Kernohan
Founders of the Tiny House Festivals
Untied Tiny House Association

John and Fin Kernohan are the Founders of the United Tiny House Association and Georgia Tiny House Festival, LLC (originally known as the Georgia Tiny House Association), the Founders and Hosts of the highly successful (and charitable) Tiny House Festivals, members of the American Tiny House Association (John is also a Board Member of the American Tiny House Association), and they are the Georgia contacts for the Small House Society. After spending his adult life creating/developing several at-home medical specimen collection mechanisms and immunoassays, John retired at the age of 49 when he realized, while lying in a hospital bed, that his life-long quest of accumulating wealth was not a life of living. He made the decision to sell his laboratory, to reclaim his health (he lost over 80 pounds and shed 10″ off his waist), and began a quest of learning what it really means to be truly happy. Originally from Thailand, Fin eventually settled in London after earning her Bachelor’s Degree. She is a world traveler, free-spirit, body builder, yogi, massage therapist, nutritionist, dietician, personal trainer, founder of Fin’s Fitness, and John’s rock. Together, John and Fin live their off-grid tiny lifestyle 24/7/365 in their 304sqft tiny cabin on their homestead in Georgia and host the Facebook blog, “Beloved Cabin”, as well as hosting and being admins for numerous other Facebook groups geared specifically for health, food intolerance/allergy support, and tiny/micro-living. Their for-charity Tiny House Festivals have gained international recognition as being some of the largest philanthropy intended tiny house events on record, such as their 60K-attendee and 97 tiny home 2016 Florida Tiny House Festival, where their event raised MANY THOUSANDS of dollars for 23 charities and worthwhile causes. Their journeys and adventures from the big cities of Bangkok, Miami and London to their tiny lifestyle in the Georgia woods have been featured on television and in numerous magazines & newspapers around the world.
Kelly Hart

Hartworks LLC

Kelly Hart has had a lifelong interest in building and has worked in construction professionally. He has produced many video programs including A Sampler of Alternative Homes: Approaching Sustainable Architecture, and Building with Bags: How We Built our Experimental Earthbag Home. He has written and published the Green Home Building series of books: Rolling Shelter: Vehicles We Have Called Home, Remodel Green: How to Make Your Home Serve Your Life and Earthbag Architecture: Building Your Dream with Bags. Kelly also founded and is the webmaster for several websites, Including www.greenhomebuilding.com that features a vast amount of information about sustainable architecture and natural building, www.dreamgreenhomes.com with a wide range of ecological home plans for sale, www.earthbagbuilding.com which explores in depth the many possibilities for building with earthbags and www.sunvee.com which describes a solar electric vehicle that Kelly built and drove around his community for many years. Kelly has been an advocate of compact living since the 1960's when he assembled his first bus conversion home.
Kerri Fivecoat-Campbell

Kerri Fivecoat-Campbell and her husband, Dale, have been living in her little house for nearly 10 years. In 2009, she realized that the lifestyle was unique and thought others who were seeking to live tiny could benefit from some of their experiences. She began writing the blog, LivingLargeinOurLittleHouse.com and built a community. Moving to her little cabin far from civilization forced her to learn to cook real food. Instead of dining out or getting carry out every night, Kerri learned to become one with her tiny kitchen. She’s been featured on CountryLiving.com, Cosmopolitan.com and Where Women Cook. Her book, “Living Large in Our Little House: Thriving in 480 Square Feet With Six Dogs, a Husband And One Remote” was published by Reader’s Digest in 2016.
Macy Miller
Mother, Blogger, Architectural Designer

Macy designed and constructed her 196 s.f. tiny house in 2011. She has lived in it full time since 2012 with her partner, daughter, son and their dog. Macy's education and background is in commercial architecture but she left the field in 2014 to live life on her own terms. Macy now aspires to empower others to take the same path if they so choose.
Pat Dunham
Tiny House Advisor

Pat Dunham lived the Tiny Life way before it became popular. She and her husband lived aboard a boat with their 6 children and went on to build a 46 ft. sailboat from scratch which is far harder to build than any tiny house. She is the consummate Tiny House expert.
Saul Rip Hansen
Design Specialist
Inceptus Studio

I did my undergraduate studies in architecture and illustration, and have worked for the last several years generating architectural illustrations, and designing and drafting residential houses. I also have assisted with a high school in my local community which led me to start The Collaborative Tiny House Project, which is an organization intended to assist schools to implement tiny house programs as shop classes.
Thom Stanton
General Manager
Housing Development Institute

Co-Founder of the Housing Development Institute, Thom Stanton is a long-time advocate of “legitimizing and legalizing” tiny houses on wheels as permissible full-time dwellings. Stanton is a small space visionary, 11th generation builder, and General Manager of a newly formed tiny house education and manufacturing facility in Ashland, Alabama. A tiny house designer, Stanton works directly for the local municipal housing authority, which gives him incredible insight to community development and an insider’s perspective of affordable housing solutions. With aspirations to make their region “tiny house friendly,” Thom and his wife Midge hope to encourage others to help develop a cottage industry of tiny house manufacturing by hosting a series of DIY workshops, workforce training courses in construction trade skills, and tiny-focused business incubation services.
Tracey Powell
Tiny House Advocate & Advisor

Tracey Powell has worked in the design and construction industry for over two decades. She's spent most of her life living tiny, and her childhood in RV's. A few years ago, Tracey designed and built her own luxury Tiny House, in collaboration with over 30 Engineers and Building experts. Her high-end high-tech home has been featured on TV multiple times and toured by over 50,000 people. Her passion has become a mission: to help others Live Simply, Safely, and Sustainably. Follow Tracey on Facebook.com/LiveSimplyTiny and connect with her on LinkedIn.com/in/TraceyPowell
Valerie Cook & Tim Boffe
Co-founders of Let's be Nomads
The Nomads Bus

We are Val and Tim, two nomads with a big passion for adventure sports, especially riding pow. We want to create and share unforgettable moments in the mountains with our guests in our hostel on wheels.
Vera Struck

Zack Giffin
Tiny House Builder
Tiny House Nation

Working as a carpenter since graduating high school in 99' Zack started working on small structures and Tiny Houses in 2011. A long time minimalist and environmental advocate Zack has use his own house as a tool to pursue a dream of endless winter and appreciation for life. Now Zack is a prominent figure and advocate in the tiny house community and works as co host of the popular TV show Tiny House Nation.

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