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Decorating a Small Home Office - Top 5 Tips

Even though your apartment may not be large, you can always find space to build a small home office. You just need to be a little more creative and find a way to incorporate everything you need in there. In order to help you decorate it according to the latest trends and create a place which will inspire you to work hard and be fully concentrated, we’ve singled out our top 5 tips on how to achieve this fast and easy. Feel free to take a…


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Tiny Bathroom Decorating Tips

Living in a tiny house has numerous perks, including lower construction costs, lower energy bills, easier maintenance, cheaper decorating, and, of course, minimal impact on the environment. However, while it is quite easy to get accustomed to the small square footage in almost every room, we usually discover that we could always benefit from extra space in the kitchen and the bathroom. If you are struggling with decorating a cramped bathroom, we’ll help you…


Posted by Tracey Clayton on August 2, 2018 at 7:00am

Décor Changes to Make Your Tiny Home Feel All Fresh and New

No matter how spacious your home is, it’s always going to be too small to fit all the things you’d like to keep around. However, even the tiniest of homes can be utilized if you plan ahead and find sustainable ways to make the most of the space you own. From hidden storage area to multifunctional furniture, there are lots of ideas you can try out and use literally every inch you own. So, if you too are living in a small home, but still have big plans, here are a few ways to make it feel…


Posted by Tracey Clayton on July 6, 2018 at 5:56pm

Small Bathroom Design Issues

No matter how small your bathroom might be, it still offers a world of design inspiration. With little creativity and improvisation, you can overcome some of the most common design problems of small bathrooms and transform yours into a truly relaxing oasis.  …


Posted by Tracey Clayton on May 9, 2018 at 3:22am

Let us know about you, your connections to tiny living, and anything else you want to tell us!

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Hello everyone! My name is Anastasia and I am the co-founder of the BC Tiny House Collective. Based in Vancouver, Canada, we advocate for the inclusion of tiny houses across Metro Vancouver and British Columbia. We seek to legalize and legitimize this housing stock in support of affordable and more important, sustainable homes (be that ecologically and socially).

We are engaging with local cities, and conducting research into tiny living barriers; we are also doing a lot of outreach through innovative, creative and fun events.

Looking to learn, connect and share what opportunities we're seeing from our lens. Wishing everyone a great day. More on us at bctinyhousecollective.com. Love to hear what you're doing or have done to get tiny in your city. Feel free to email me at info at nadatodo dot com.



To answer the question regarding cities that support the use of

ADUs or Tiny Houses.

Here in
Colorado many cities are on board with our houses. Every ordinance is different and the enthusiasms vary as well.Here's a few to start with:
Denver , Arvada, boulder, Lakewood, Engewood, Glenwood Springs, Aspen. My list of cities in ColorDO WAS UP TO 20 SOMETHING BEFORE I STOPPED KEEPING TRACK.

Amazing. So a bylaw is applied to existing zoning for each of these cities, so tiny houses can be included as secondary dwellings on the property? Are they on wheels or on temp/permanent foundations? Have to explore more. Also curious about tenure and how a tiny house in a backyard impacts property taxes, utilities etc. Lots to learn! Thank you Michael.

Hi everyone! I live in NJ where the zoning laws are making it very challenging (impossible?) for legal tiny living. I started a Meetup group for NJ/PA in an effort to connect with others on the same journey to living a bigger life with less stuff. We are in the advocacy and education stage in order to get legislators in NJ to change our laws to allow legal tiny living. I'd love to hear from others that have been in communication with their townships, state, zoning, and legislators. I realize that each state will have it's own unique challenges but we can certainly learn from each other by sharing our resources and lessons learned. The American Tiny House Association is a BIG advocate and I'm proud to represent them as the NJ State Chapter Leader. In an effort to be more visible to others I have a work in progress website http://www.buildingatinylife.com and twitter @buildtinylife. Enjoy the Summit!

Aloha! My name is Lauren and I am looking to build a tiny home in the next year or two. I am actually not just here for me! I am currently helping my Gram Fix up her home. She lives in Hertford, NC and she has a 19 acre farm. I am here to find out more information on how she can legally rent a space on her land to people in need.

I'm a "Serial Entrepreneur" with 30+ years of start-up company experience spanning multiple industries in multiple countries. As a skilled Business Development Professional with Integrated skill sets in Technology Adaptation, Marketing, Sales, and Go-To-Market Solutions, I've been involved in over 15 start-up companies around the world.  Founder of Ensemble Ventures, LLC ( http://www.ensembleventuresinc.com ) A 16+ year Business Development, Marketing and Sales, Capital Formation Consulting/Services Company located in Colorado Springs.

Also I am the Director of Business Development for the Tiny Home Industry Association. for more info go here: http://www.tinyhomeindustryassociation.org

Looking forward to supporting the Online Tiny House Summit experience and answering some of your questions about Building Codes, Zoning and Ordinances, or if I don't have an immediate answer... will make an effort to get you in contact with those professionals in our industry who do...


Mike Schmidt

Hi Mike, I attended the Tiny House Fest in Keensburg and heard You speak. You mentioned several resources that I hoped to find on this site. I'm looking for the research paper by an attorney named Kate among other legal resources for Tiny living. I'd appreciate any help. Thanks!

Today's Community Day presentation is Barb Diaz of Cottage Camper. She's also added some documents that she would like to share with the community here!


Hey there! I am currently building a 28ft THOW for my wife and I in Portland, OR. I am hopeful to be dried in within the next month, which is very exciting! I'm really excited to join this forum and am hopeful to meet some awesome like-minded friends :) If you're interested in what I'm up to, you can check out my build at www.dontwaitlivenow.com I hope everyone has an amazing day!

Hellooo! I'm Kevin Moore and my wife of 35 years is Cindy. We are approaching the precipice of tiny house-dom without the OW. Allow me to explain. Our journey begins Labor Day weekend 2016. I have off that Monday and among a few other opportunities, Cindy and I settle into binge watch a string of Tiny Home programming. The next day I state my mulled over plan; let's build a tiny home! Cindy looks at me like I've lost my mind. We currently live in our 2,460 SF two story home of 25 years. We've raised our two daughters successfully (both married fine husbands and have given us the gift of grandkids; 10 yr old Jaxon - oldest daughter Tiff, 9 yr old Naomi youngest daughter Court, and 5 yr old Jade - youngest daughter Court) here in this home. I knew my plan would be challenging...I was wrong. After a day or two, my wife approached me with the plan, sell the house to my youngest daughter and her husband Josh so the two girls can be raised in the house ours were raised in. Cindy suggested we could build our 400 SF (+/-) Tiny Home on piers (THOP?) on the same half-acre as the existing home. Since then I've started our separate Instagram [kevin_cindy_tiny_home_jwgoal] to track our progress. We've settled on our plan (Eastcreek.pdf) and are currently spending all our money fixin' things around the house so we can sell. We are 'on piers' due to Lumberton, TX not allowing THOW's as a permanent residence. Even with the chosen plan, we are considered an auxiliary building and therefore not allowed a kitchen. Of course, a kitchen, when asked, was defined as a stove with cooktop range. Therefore we are working around these restrictions.

I'm very interested in contractors that could build our TH. It seems that many local builders do not feel it's worth their time. Too much construction in the area I suppose. I'd appreciate any thoughts. We've watched the YouTube video Living Tiny Legally, parts 1 & 2. I truly enjoyed most of the interviews associated with the Tiny House Summit this week. Our goal is to sell the house late spring, early summer 2017 and settle into construction.

So, there ya go...that's my story [many of you just heard in your heads "and I'm sticking to it"] 


Welcome, Kevin, what a great story you've shared! This is just what we like to see on this site, we hope that other members will connect with you so we can all learn more about your project as it unfolds. Thanks for the share!


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