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Decorating a Small Home Office - Top 5 Tips

Even though your apartment may not be large, you can always find space to build a small home office. You just need to be a little more creative and find a way to incorporate everything you need in there. In order to help you decorate it according to the latest trends and create a place which will inspire you to work hard and be fully concentrated, we’ve singled out our top 5 tips on how to achieve this fast and easy. Feel free to take a…


Posted by Tracey Clayton on August 25, 2018 at 3:46am

Tiny Bathroom Decorating Tips

Living in a tiny house has numerous perks, including lower construction costs, lower energy bills, easier maintenance, cheaper decorating, and, of course, minimal impact on the environment. However, while it is quite easy to get accustomed to the small square footage in almost every room, we usually discover that we could always benefit from extra space in the kitchen and the bathroom. If you are struggling with decorating a cramped bathroom, we’ll help you…


Posted by Tracey Clayton on August 2, 2018 at 7:00am

Décor Changes to Make Your Tiny Home Feel All Fresh and New

No matter how spacious your home is, it’s always going to be too small to fit all the things you’d like to keep around. However, even the tiniest of homes can be utilized if you plan ahead and find sustainable ways to make the most of the space you own. From hidden storage area to multifunctional furniture, there are lots of ideas you can try out and use literally every inch you own. So, if you too are living in a small home, but still have big plans, here are a few ways to make it feel…


Posted by Tracey Clayton on July 6, 2018 at 5:56pm

Small Bathroom Design Issues

No matter how small your bathroom might be, it still offers a world of design inspiration. With little creativity and improvisation, you can overcome some of the most common design problems of small bathrooms and transform yours into a truly relaxing oasis.  …


Posted by Tracey Clayton on May 9, 2018 at 3:22am

Let us know about you, your connections to tiny living, and anything else you want to tell us!

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Welcome Frreess, glad you are sharing in this section.

There are several members here (including Courtney, whom you responded to already) that dream of creating Tiny Home community. Your input and advice will certainly be of great value, glad to have you part of the conversation with us!

I have designed all of our Sidekick Homes for 50 m+ occupants, so wheels and or stairs must go and ladders are definitely out. Nothing in the previous statement limits the strong and healthy older people from building an accessible small home just know that we provide the whole package  of accessible features for those that need one or more of of them.

As a result of including accessibility features our homes are slightly larger than most other Tiny Homes. Our smallest home is a bit smaller than 400 sq. ft. and most are less than 650 sq. ft.

Welcome Michael, thanks for sharing.

Have you considered including photos of the designs you have created with members? I always appreciate a visual explanation of what someone has designed or has to offer, it might help you connect with more people looking for something you are providing. I checked out your website briefly, you have some great photos and plans that we'd would love to see on here as well!

We've featured you as a spotlight member, which might help drive people to your profile.

Hey, I'm Rhodes, owner of 98 squared LLC, a Tiny Houe on Wheels short term rental company... currently with houses for rent in NC (Asheville) and CO (Colorado Springs/S of Denver), expanding around the country, with Atlanta GA next on the list.  You can check availability on Airbnb here: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/8200122

I'm excited for the first online Summit, making THOW information more accessible than just in person events.

Welcome Rhodes, glad you connected with us here!

We're excited too and can't wait to see what this huge undertaking will unfold for us. It has been such a pleasure and reward to connect with people globally who have been in the Tiny House movement, made noise to make Tiny's more accepted and legal, and continue to carve the path that so many of us have decided to travel down.

Are you a Facebook member of the Tiny House Hosting? Might be a good place to share your housing opportunities with others looking to visit NC and CO, spending a few nights in a tiny. Checck their guidelines, of course, before posting.

Hello!! I am beginning my research into the Tiny Home living. I believe "tiny" is for me and my Mom. I love to be organize and believe everything has a place. Tired of clutter and having stuff you don't use.

Welcome Terry, thanks for sharing.

There is so much valuable information out there, we hope that this site will be the place to connect with people of like-minds who can share and inspire you on your way to a downsized lifestyle.

Hello Everyone,

Thank you for all the work going into this site, and the Tiny House Summit. Really looking foward to tomorrow.

I am in England and have always loved clever small space design and feel it can be an important part of developing a more sustainable way of life for everyone. Am building a campervan from DIY level zero, and tiny house ideas have been my biggest source of design inspiration.


Hello Everyone.  I am Monica and I have been researching tiny living for about 2 years.  My husband really likes the idea of less stuff, both of us really dislike the "keeping up with the Jones" effect that society really pushes today.  Especially with our children.  We like the thought of pure living and back to what is really important, family, faith and friends!  We own 16 acres that I was blessed to inherit from my Dad as part of my families original homestead 150 years ago.  I am so excited to be living on the same land that supported other generations of my family!  Our oldest daughter already lives on the property in the home that my Grandpa was born in!  So cool that we get to be neighbors!  For us Tiny was a huge financial decision.  It basically is the way we can live on our land without going broke paying for permits and huge expenditures such as well, sewer and power.  The initial investment will be large, but over time we will be able to live the lifestyle we prefer and desire! Looking forward to making many friends and gleaning great information from this new sight!  Thanks!

howdy ,i have been building small cabins for almost 50 yrs, i log and cut my own lumber, i have 5 small cabins at this time, my family lives in two and friends have a place to stay when visiting...

the property and cabins are far off the grid, no power,no phones{no cell service either},no pc's!, no neighbors!,the fire lookout tower is my closest neighbor..

i have been considering looking for a young couple who think they might be wanting and able to live this life, coming on as caretakers, the work would be hard for little pay, but they would learn how to cut trees and lumber, and build there own tiny cabin, they would learn how to manage timber land and grow there own garden,, it would last one season, may till thanksgiving..

i have been searching for someplace to post this caretaker add, maybe someone has a good idea about this, thanks,ken

Hi Ken, I am a traveling girl with my husband. We have lived all over (Alaska, Hawaii, Oregon, New York, now Virginia). Although we are trying to stay in one place for a while I have many connections to individuals who might be interested in your proposal. I have hiked seaweed up mountains in exchange for fresh veggies so if that is the type of set up you're looking for let me know some more info and I can reach out to some down to earth, hard working folks.

hello lauren, thanks for the reply, i am new to this search, and new to this site, i am not exactly sure how to proceed with this, i am hoping to find genuine folks and not some homeless looking for a handout, any help would be appreciated


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