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Let us know about you, your connections to tiny living, and anything else you want to tell us!

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Hi all!  I'm in the process of developing a tiny house community in Bailey, CO!  I've found 35 acres that would be perfect for the project.  I'm planning on developing about 5 acres at first with a  community building, hookups, rented slips, community area with hot tub, fire pit, outdoor grills and a garden, rustic and quaint.  The slips will be spaced apart for privacy.  I'm in the market research stages of my business plan and am gathering as much information as I can about the interest in/need for this type of community.  I'm working with the county on PUD rezoning which will be a lengthy process but this particular county is warming up to this idea.  It's 40 minutes from Denver so it would still be a commutable distance for someone who would go to an office.  Would love any much feedback/thoughts/brainstorming as possible!  Thanks!

You go, girl! I am a newbie to all this so the only thing I can offer is encouragement. Looking forward to hearing about your updates and progress!
Sigh.. I wish I lived in Colorado. These communities are such a great thing, and there is definitely a need for more. I've seen a lot of grown children move into tiny communities so their parents could live there too and still have some independence

I stopped by a project under construction in Bailey, Colorado last summer. The builder was very welcoming. I hope you are the person I met.

This idea is just what we like to see within this online community. I'm sure there are people on here, living in CO, that might have some interest in participating in the build (or are you working with a builder?) or perhaps have an existing tiny that would need a community home. We've seen several people in our area (Asheville, NC) that speak of wanting to create a very similar concept. It will be great to hear more about your process as it goes along. Thanks for connecting here!

Awesome! I might be relocating in the next year, but to either Denver or two cities in Arizona. I still need to build mine, but i'm helping my Gram fix up her place first. There is certainly a need for spots to place a tiny home. I think this is a "if you build it, they will come" moment! Good luck!

Hello! I am in the process of fund raising for my build and eventually wanting to travel across the continent and advertise the benefits to tiny houses while riding the various ATV trails in North America! I am planning on creating a blog documenting my tiny house from the beginning to end and the travels too. If anyone can chip in a buck or two to help out a fellow tiny houser, please go to https://www.gofundme.com/stanleys-tiny-house ... Cheers!!

Sounds like a great goal! Keep the updates coming!

Havent gotten a nickel since I started it 2 months ago :(

Hi, I'm Nola from Victoria, Australia. I'm looking for a tiny place to call my own, slowly downsizing my stuff, and trying not to buy things that I don't need. I'm also looking into starting up my own second hand bookshop so if I could combine the shop with a place to live, that would be great! Looking forward to this!

Welcome Nola, thanks for sharing with us here.

We're really excited to have Darren Hughes, founder of the Tiny Houses Australia Facebook and Meetup group, presenting with us next week at the Summit (www.tinyhousesummit.com). Glad to be connecting more and more with people globally, hopefully offering a platform for conversation and connection revolving around the needs of our community members.

Hi, I'm Katie and I live in an eco friendly community which has a log cabin, a geodesic dome, several tiny houses, and even a tiny chapel. People come from all over to get married here...I'll try to post a picture of the chapel and log cabin since they are right beside me. There is also a huge warehouse where solar panels are built as my landlord used to own a solar company. I ended up here purely by chance--I rented a house and my landlord and I both wanted to create a community. There have been bumps in the road but I love all the different people I get to meet, and though my family makes fun of me for living on a "commune" I would not change it for anything!


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