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Décor Changes to Make Your Tiny Home Feel All Fresh and New

No matter how spacious your home is, it’s always going to be too small to fit all the things you’d like to keep around. However, even the tiniest of homes can be utilized if you plan ahead and find sustainable ways to make the most of the space you own. From hidden storage area to multifunctional furniture, there are lots of ideas you can try out and use literally every inch you own. So, if you too are living in a small home, but still have big plans, here are a few ways to make it feel…


Posted by Tracey Clayton on July 6, 2018 at 5:56pm

Small Bathroom Design Issues

No matter how small your bathroom might be, it still offers a world of design inspiration. With little creativity and improvisation, you can overcome some of the most common design problems of small bathrooms and transform yours into a truly relaxing oasis.  …


Posted by Tracey Clayton on May 9, 2018 at 3:22am

Most Common Electrical Problems in Tiny Homes

Tiny homes are one of the biggest crazes in the last couple of years. These ingenious living spaces may not have that much room, but their designs and layouts are made so that everything fits in perfectly without having to sacrifice many things. Sure, you won’t have a giant bathtub, but that is not their intended purpose.

While we can talk about different tiny home designs for hours, that is not the topic of…


Posted by Tracey Clayton on April 10, 2018 at 4:00am

Great Design Ideas for Tiny Yards

Buying a home is very exciting yet it requires some compromises. Normally, your budget will determine the size and the type of home you’ll be able to afford. This might mean that you will have to choose a home with only one garage, or a home with a small backyard instead of a large one.

However, keep in mind that bigger isn't always better. Compared to spacious outdoor places, small yards can mean less cleaning but…


Posted by Tracey Clayton on April 5, 2018 at 6:14am

Hey Tiny is Beautiful Members !

Welcome to the Tiny is Beautiful - Online Tiny House Summit !

Like you,  I'm a member of this shared collaboration site and reviewing all the video submissions this week from the community of Tiny Home owners, builders, and enthusiasts ! 

One area that is coming up in many of the presentations is the concept of Building Codes, Zoning, and Ordinances...  In this forum, I would like to see if we can explore this topic in depth.

At the Tiny Home Industry Association, (THIA) which is a newly formed industry association that was created in 2016, we are now putting together an organized "standards setting process" to address the needs for uniform building Codes, Flexible Zoning and what we like to call "Adaptable Building Codes" or ordinances in municipal towns and communities.  At THIA, we are interested in working with both DIY, (Do It Yourself) Tiny Home builders as well as professional home builders and community developers to see if we can create some uniform, and sustainable standards for the Tiny Home community.

If you would like to discuss some of these "thorny" issues you may have encountered in your own local community, or have some "horror stories" of your own, I would like you to share them on this forum for discussion.  As a shared forum, I'm sure you will meet many interesting and knowledgeable people in this industry who I hope will attempt to provide some help and guidance for you.

If you would like more information about what the mission and vision of THIA is... you can check out our web-site at:  http://www.tinyhomeindustryassociation.org

Looking forward to having an engaging and lively discussion with all of you.

Mike Schmidt

Business Development Director

Tiny Home Industry Association

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