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5 Tips to Give Your Tiny Home an Elegant Vibe

There’s nothing more frustrating than being a design enthusiast who lives in a tiny apartment or home. So many great ideas and so much design inspiration, but not enough space! However, even the tiniest of homes can be styled up and reinvented. You can easily design a comfy, chic home with an…


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5 Ways to Maximize a Small Living Space

While living in a smaller space can surely feel confining and restricting, it certainly isn’t a reason to feel discouraged. Smaller spaces can have a lot of personality and there are actually a lot of handy tricks that can help you maximize your home and make the most out of what you have available. So, instead of despairing and coming to terms with the fact that you’re facing a lifelong imprisonment, you better take matters into your own hands. If you‘re still wondering how to actually…


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6 tips on how to decorate a tiny house

Image Source: www.tinyhousebasics.com

Tiny houses are becoming incredibly popular. No wonder - they are easy to maintain, simple for tidying up and cheap to live in.

Still, decorating a tiny house isn't easy because most…


Posted by David Koller on February 1, 2018 at 2:30pm

Day 4 Videos Now Live to Watch

Here's your Day 4 official announcement! The video presentations from the third day of the 2017 Tiny House Summit are about to expire and we've just posted new presentations from Jake & Kiva, Hari Berzins, Andrew Bennett, Henderson County Pubic School Students & Teachers, Andrew Odom (interview), Angela Alcorn, Derin Williams, Tessa Baker, and Michael & Michelle Choto Nielsen…

Posted by Sera Isabella on February 23, 2017 at 12:29pm — 2 Comments

Your Name and Title: Sarah Murphy - Founder/Chief Hospitality Officer (former owner/operator of Music City Tiny House).

Organization Name: Tiny House Hotelie

Co-Presenter Name(s): none

Area of the World from Which You Will Present: Nashville, TN

Language in Which You Will Present: English

Target Audience(s): Anyone looking to rent out a tiny house

Short Session Description (one line): I'll answer some of the most pressing questions people have about running a tiny house rental.

Full Session Description (as long as you would like): Just like those who start most businesses, those who decide to Airbnb their tiny houses often have questions. Which toilet should I use? How do we prevent water from freezing or water temp. fluctuations in the winter? How do we find cleaners? How do we vet potential guests to ensure they understand tiny houses and the unique attributes that come with them? The list is long! As the host of Music City Tiny House for 2.5 years, and with a masters degree from Cornell's Hotel School, I'm uniquely well suited to help people with answering these questions. In this presentation, I'll answer some of the most frequent questions that I get, but also the questions I DON'T get, but SHOULD get.

Websites / URLs Associated with Your Session: www.tinyhousehotelie.com / www.musiccitytinyhouse.com

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Sarah:  this is SO great.  Thanks for being our first submitted session.  We'll be organizing the approval/scheduling process early next week, just wanted you to know this is exactly what we hoped for!

Wonderful topic Sarah, it will be a great session for participants to attend and learn more about tiny home businesses and the potential responsibilities that come with working in a niche market.

I think this would be helpful to both sides of the fence: renters & rentees. I am considering the idea of renting out my TakeMeHome once it's built, but I don't know how to and I'm afraid it will get ruined. I'd like to see what steps I can take to be successful at keeping my creation in tip-top shape. Thanks for proposing this session!

This session will be mostly geared towards you than! I don't address it too much from the rentee's side of things, because I feel like most people can figure out how to do that, but I specialize in helping those who want to rent out their tiny house, do it while avoiding many of the common mistakes:)

What do u think of long term rentals in tiny houses. I see a trend in ADU's, infill housing. Can u talk about that and compare short term Vs long term rentals. Pros and cons. Viability. Thanks. Interesting topic.

That's a great suggestion! I have very strong opinions about using tiny houses for urban infill and long-term housing! I'll make sure to include that in my presentation:)


Sorry for the delay in accepting these sessions--so much going on that we're managing!  We really want you to present on this.  We'll email you more tomorrow on how we'd like to do this.




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